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What Kind of Volunteers Are We Looking For ?

We look for volunteers who are pro-active, enthusiastic and hard working. Volunteers have made such an invaluable contribution to our work in the past and we are always looking for fresh ideas and skills. We want to give our volunteers a wonderful, life-enriching experience while at the same time gaining from their experience and skills.

  • Donation Drives

  • Fundraising Events (hosting, planning)

  • Run  workshops (e.g. vocational training, grooming)

  • Plan outings or meals for our residents

  • Photography & Videography

  • Writing/Editing blog posts

  • Research writing

  • Data collection

Volunteer Roles​​...



  • Societal contribution

  • Professional development

  • Better networking

  • Leadership skills

  • Making life better

  • Cultural understanding

      Etc ...

Come Associate With Us...

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