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NEPTUNE Foundation, 4th Floor, Eastern Business District, Near Mangatram Petrol Pump, L.B.S. Road, Bhandup (W), Mumbai- 400 083

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Story of Anjali...  (Life-Changing)

Anjali was born in Solapur. She has two brothers and three sisters. She became handicapped when she was 2 years old due to polio. Her both the brothers have expired. One of her sisters stays in England while the other stays in Pune. She has done her graduation in BA from Ruia College. She got married in the year, 1980 to Mr. Vijay Vishwanath Chouwgule who used to work as a cashier in the Hero Honda showroom at Belgaum. After marriage, she stayed for the next two years in Belgaum. She took training in the art of making soft toys. Looking at the proficiency in her skill she was nominated by the Govt of Maharashtra to go to England for further training which she did......


Story of Mr. MS... (Life-Changing)

Mr. MS was admitted by our team through Court orders from Thane judiciary process in association with the local police station. After admission he was put on intensive treatment and counseling. In the process he started giving whereabouts of his village. His home was traced to a remote village in District-Vidhisa, State-Madhya Pradesh. Mr. MS was reunited with his father and his younger brother....


Story of Mr. VS... (Life-Changing)

Mr. VS used to work as a potter at Nizamuddin railway station. He used to typically work for 8 to 12 months and he used to return back to his village for a period of 2 months to spend time with his family. While working on the station he developed the habit of taking ganja. He became a habitual user which started affecting his mental condition. During this time on his return to his village he was also taken to a local doctor for the treatment of condition. He absconded on his return to Delhi and reached Mumbai. With no one to support him and no food to eat and after the effects of addiction, he slipped into a state of mental illness which had bouts of aggression accompanied with irrelevant talks and very poor hygiene. During our fieldwork our team spotted him and rescued him.



Story of Mr. SS... (Life-Changing)

Mr. SS was a favorite of his father among the other three children. His father had an untimely death which was very difficult for him to bear. He also started developing a feeling that his mother used to love the other children more. This led to his depression. He used to work as an accountant in a small firm but because of his staying away from work he was asked to quit the job. He also got into gambling and lost all his money. After this, he used to wander on the streets aimlessly and used to stay away from his family. These circumstances completely cut him off from the normal routine of life and while wandering he reached Thane.   



Deepika Padukone 

Her Story of Depression..

Deepika Padukone recently appeared on a news channel to talk about her battle with depression. In January this year, she broke her silence for the first time in an HT exclusive to tell the world that she was struggling with anxiety and depression, at a time when she was establishing her credentials as one of Bollywood's most sought after actors. Here's the article in which she bared her heart for the first time about how she straddled these two aspects of her life and came out a winner.


HIV and Nutrition...

Good nutrition supports overall health and helps maintain the immune system. Good nutrition also helps people with HIV maintain a healthy weight and absorb HIV medicines.

HIV attacks and destroys the immune system, which makes it harder for the body to fight off infections. Daily use of HIV medicines (called antiretroviral therapy or ART) prevents HIV from destroying the immune system. But a healthy diet also helps strengthen the immune system and keep people with HIV healthy.



Schizophrenia most commonly strikes between the ages of 16 and 30, and males tend to show symptoms at a slightly younger age than females. In many cases, the disorder develops so slowly that the individual does not know that they have had it for many years. However, in other cases, it can strike suddenly and develop quickly.