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What is Neptune Foundation...

Every morning we wake up with the realization of how fortunate we are. We have the support of family and friends, the fulfillment of working for a living, the security of having all our basic needs met. And we are all aware that there are many people out there who are not as privileged as us. As a society, it is our responsibility to enable the marginalized to join us; to help them obtain the means to better their lives and achieve a sense of purpose. And to do this, we must strike at the root causes of this marginalization. It was with purpose in mind, that Neptune Foundation was established.



Neptune foundation was born to become a medium to bring a smile on every face. It is our vision to make resources available to every individual, for it is only in doing so that society as a whole can flourish. To accomplish this mission we have created a dedicated team to work at the grass root level to fulfill this task.








Old Age




Prevention & Nutriton Camp

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To create a Centre for Mental Health & Inclusive Development...
     -  We are aiming to bring down the count of mentally ill destitute to zero throughout India by collaborating with all the 43 Reginal     

         Mental Hospitals across India

     -  Create a hundred bedded facility. This will serve as a one-stop facility for admission, treatment, counseling, empowerment and     

         reunion with the family

Neptune Foundation Counseling Centre..

      - Proposed Counseling centre to work in various areas of mental illness as to prevent and control  

Old age home Expansion...
     -  To increase the capacity to 200 beneficiaries by constructing 2 floors on the existing structure with a
24x7 primary health center

         well equipped to serve the near tribal villages absolutely FREE OF COST

      -  Intention to build many such free Old age homes across Maharastra as looking at the rising numbers of senior citizens...


HIV nutrition program expansion...
     To increase the number of beneficiaries and also create sources of the lively hood through conclusive empowerment courses.

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Adv. M.N. Deshmukh

Senior Advocate Social Reformer & Notary

I really appreciate the feeling for social binding and its dedication towards the poor and needy by its various social activities through trustees as they themselves are engaged & engrossed in their business activities practically round the clock..


Dr. Sanjay . R . Kumavat


Consultant Psychiatrist

A patient with mental illness is stigmatized, marginalized and discriminated. There are very few sensitive sane people in society to understand their feelings and empathize with them. Thus they don't just work for the people with mental illness but work with them from their treatment to rehabilitation. 

Neptune Foundation is one such NGO that works on people with mental illness from their sensitization right up to bring them back into the mainstream of the society and thus helps them live a dignified life.