Does Neptune Foundation charge anything for the beneficiary ?

No, Everything is done absolutely FREE...

What is the area of operation of Neptune Foundation ?

Mumbai region and Thane district are the prime areas, but under special circumstances a specialized team would be deployed for activities outside this jurisdiction...

Is the work done by Neptune Foundation recognised by the Govt Agency ?

Yes, all legal parameters and guidelines are followed and the work is recognised by the concerned authority..

What currency does the Neptune Foundation accepts online ?

We only accept online donation in Indian Rupees (INR)

I am not an Indian National, can i make donation ?

Yes you can. But you have to get in touch with us and do it as we will guide you..

Is the website safe to make online donation ?

Yes, we have also added options like Paytm, Bhim Upi to make it convinent for everyone to contribute for this good cause..

How much can i donate ?

It depends on the donor how much they want to contribute..

Will I get a recipt for the donation i make ?

Yes. you will recive a recipt for the donation you make..

What are the tax benefit for the donor ?

The donor will get a 50% tax exemption on the donation according to 80G of income tax act,1950..

What happens if I lost the donation recipt ?

You may write to us at neptunefoundation@neptunegroup.in

My question is not listed here, what should I do ?

You may write to us at neptunefoundation@neptunegroup.in or reach us at the head office or call on the helpline..