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Let us never let them know what old age is…


Let us make them feel the happiness that time brings by not counting the years

Nurturing lives at Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh Old Age Home

In our good old days, the children used to adore their parents and look after them with love and reverence. But in present days, most of the old people, when they become non earning members of the family or sick or really invalid are neglected and sometimes thrown out of their houses even. They become a burden to their own children who forget about the good things and sacrifices of their parents towards bringing them up and settling them in their life. Apart from the basic needs like shelter, food, etc. It is the love, affection, and a few words of caress that these people expect from their children, which are totally lacking in most of the families whether rich or poor in our modern society.

Mainly due to the influence of external forces on our way of living and thinking and also due to internal family


politics, loosening of the family ties have become inevitable in our modern society. The brunt of the situation is faced by the old people who come from low and medium socio-economic status. Therefore, Old Age Homes are not a fancy but the dire necessities in our modern society, at present and more so in the future. The old bear the brunt of our changing lifestyles, values, and priorities. To protect these feeble and helpless beings, Neptune Foundation has built an old age home, Parampujya Kailashwashi Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh Vridhashram at Village: Kalungan, Taluka: Akole, District: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. 

The Old Age Home built by Neptune Foundation provides everything right from boarding and food to healthcare completely free of cost.

A secure, green shelter having a capacity of 200 residents with a current built-up area of 16500sq. Ft and with a future expansion plan up to 26000 sq. Ft., it is the idyllic spot for these abandoned souls to spend their days in peace. Built-in the memory of Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh, the 3 acre home is set amidst the Sahyadri range. Mount Kalsubai provides a scenic backdrop to this spacious and lush shelter which is a mere 4 km away from the Bhandardara dam. Monsoons give the area a green makeover and urn this tranquil abode into a garden of happiness.  


  • Separate dorms and toilets for men and women.

  • Individual cupboards and side tables

  • Regular health check-ups,

  • Regular diet chart maintained for all

  • Fresh vegetables provided from our own garden

  • Our own gaushala which provides fresh milk

  • Utmost hygiene maintained while cooking

  • Dedicated staff for routine activities and care-taking

  • Secure premises with CCTV, security personnel and compound walls

  • Eco-friendly solar panels, windmills

  • Landscaped Gardens

  • Temple in the premises

  • Car parking

  • Regular pilgrimage for the residents

  • There is no bar of any caste and religion.

  • Yoga lessons daily by Ambika Yog Kutir for good health and longevity of the elderly.

  • Celebration of festivals like Rakshabandhan, Diwali and entertainment programs like orchestras, birthday parties, etc.. 

* No Discrimination on caste, color, and creed. All are welcome...


At present 55 senior citizens are in staying at the old age home with all the basic needs taken care of FREE OF COST..

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