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Neptune Foundation...

Neptune Foundation was established in the year 2010. Neptune Foundation is a registered trust under the Bombay Public Trust act, 1950 (Reg. no. E-26706). It is a testimony of Neptune Group’s commitment for fulfilling corporate social responsibility.


At Neptune Foundation, we believe that “help is never too much help”. With the help of passionate volunteers, we actively work towards empowering society. By undertaking activities like HIV Nutrition Project, rehabilitation of mentally ill destitute, Old age home, etc. we aim to fulfill the fundamental needs of food, shelter & clothes.  We continuously strive to reach more people every day. It is our mission to help the suffering and the needy for their upliftment. Thus we bring a smile on every face.

Our accountability is our core strength in all our undertaking. While serving the underprivileged and the needy and working for social upliftment, we maintain complete transparency in our projects.




Mr. Nayan Bheda, MD of Neptune Developers Ltd. is a first-generation entrepreneur. Apart from managing the company at the helm, he takes keen interest and is very active in doing activities which helps society at large.

He believes that -   We should be useful, we should be Compassionate & we should have a big heart to make a difference for the society... 

Mr. Nayan Bheda 

Managing  Director


Sachinn sir.png

Mr. Sachin Deshmukh, Executive Director and one of the founder member of Neptune Developers Ltd, having a legal background, is very a humble human, believes honesty and integrity is the threshold for creating a difference. His human side over-powers his otherwise very strong image when it comes to serving the helpless and the needy. 

He believes that - It doesn't matter how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you...

Mr. Sachin Deshmukh

Executive Director



Adv  M.N. Deshmukh

Senior Advocate Social Reformer & Notary

He is a prominent advocate, Philanthropist, and Social Worker, holding key Positions in many organizations. He has done tireless efforts and selfless service for the upliftment of the tribal people living in the interiors of Maharashtra.

He believes that  Keep your needs less so that you can share the extra resources, time, energy and personal help for others 



Mrs. Saanvi Sachin Deshmukh

She has taken on the initiative of looking into the activities and is keenly working towards the growth of the foundation so that good work can be spread far and beyond.

She believes that Every difference makes a difference...

Neptune Foundation Focuses on on..

Project Gharvapasi - Rehabilitation Projects...

Destitutes are the people who are without basic necessities of life. They are homeless and in state of utter poverty. There are more 1lakh such individuals wandering on the street. One main reason being a lot of trains come and stop in Mumbai and people from all over the country come here in search of jobs many don't find jobs and finish the meager resources they have. They do not have a place to stay, don't get food on time and start to wander and live on the streets. The result is most of them develop psychological problems like schizophrenia, fear psychosis, mood disorders, etc.

The most heart-rending sight on the streets which you have often witnessed is the mentally-ill roadside destitute dirty, haggard, half-naked people, with stinking torn clothes, long matted hair, lost in their own world. Typically these patients suffer from a mental illness called Schizophrenia causing them to lose their balance, equilibrium in normal thinking. Untreated and often misunderstood by laypeople and relatives, disturbed thinking causes them to wander on the streets.

Neptune Foundation has taken up the task of helping mentally ill destitute since 2010. We have a dedicated team to survey, analyze and conduct their pick-up, treat and reunite them with their families. We have a dedicated helpline number

for the rehabilitation of mentally ill destitute.. 


Old Age Homes...

The old bear the brunt of our changing lifestyles, values, and priorities. To protect these

feeble and helpless beings, we have built an old age home, Parampujya Kailashwashi Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh Vridhashram at village: Kalungan, Taluka: Akole, District: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Neptune foundation provides everything right from boarding and food to healthcare completely free of cost.


Secure, green shelter having a capacity of 200 residents with a current built-up area of 16500 sq.ft and with a future expansion plan up to 26000 sq.ft., it is an idyllic spot for these abandoned souls to spend their days in peace.

Built-in the memory of Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh, the 3 acre home is set amidst the Sahyadri range. Mount Kalsubai provides a scenic background to the spacious and lush shelter which is mere 4kms away from the Bhandardara dam. Monsoons give the area a green makeover and turn this tranquil abode into a garden of happiness.

HIV Nutrition Programme...

Being HIV positive is no reason to live a negative life. We enable those who have been diagnosed as positive to stop worrying about the essentials – providing them with rations of rice, wheat, dal, and protein and vitamin supplements. We have so far reached out to 50 HIV +ve couples, including pregnant mothers-to-be.


Team Neptune 


Satyajeet  Mohanty

Head CSR - Looks after the overall working of the activities of the                         organisation with every detail kept in mind

Believes  -  "Remember that the happiest people are not   

                         those getting more, but those giving more"

Looks after the overall logistics of the organisation 

( Admin )

Sachin Dhamapurkar


Neptune Foundation Team at Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh Old Age Home

Passionate and dedicated team to serve the senior citizens with lots and love and affectionThe team includes Admin Manager, Inventory Manager,  Maintenance Staff, Nurse, Kitchen Staff, House Keeping, Security...


Plays a key role in pickup & reunion of the mentally destitute & HIV nutrition project

Rupesh Shelar

( Executive Assistant )

Looks after the accounts of the whole organization

Nilesh Jadhav

( Accountant )

Ramesh Kunchikorve

( Executive Assistant )

Works with the mentally ill cases and is always ready to carryout the field work

Sachin Wakchaure

( Manager : Old Age Home)

Looks after the overall working of the Old Age Home with special attention and keeping in mind the legal parameters 


Always ready to conduct the pickup & reunion for the female cases. Plays a key role in the implementation of the HIV Nutrition Camp with documentation

Priyanka Jadhav

( Executive )

Fakhruddin Shah

( Assistant CSR)

Works on the pickup & reunion of the mentally ill destitute.

Also is involved in the implementation of the HIV Nutrition Camp


Ramesh Kunchikorve

( Executive Assistant )

Works with the mentally ill cases and is always ready to carryout the field work

Shankar Baddipalli

( Officer )

Works on the pickup & reunion of the mentally ill destitute.

Also is involved in the implementation of the HIV Nutrition Camp


Durai Nallarasu

(  Driver )

Drives the ambulance to conduct the pickup & the reunions

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